Position: Foreman Steel Constructions

Job Description:

▪ Coordinate and control the work of the dependent team, within the assigned plant area

▪ Plan and implement the distribution of materials and equipment to allow the crew to perform the assigned activities

▪ Ensure total compliance with safety and quality procedures and standards.

▪ Coordinate and check the work carried out by the earth moving operators, reporting any deviations and difficulties to the work supervisor

▪ Ensure that operators and all personnel belonging to the team strictly observe applicable safety standards

▪ Ensure that the works are carried out in accordance with the project quality requirements

▪ Analyze the drawings received from the work supervisor and give instructions to the operators in order to execute the works


▪ Organize all the means and equipment necessary to perform the work. Check that they comply with applicable provisions,

report any anomalies and coordinate any corrective actions

▪ Liaise with the works supervisor in order to optimize the use of equipment on Site

▪ Ensure all the equipment are always maintained and in good and safe operating conditions

▪ Carry out the daily toolbox talkings

▪ Verify the daily check list prior to start the works

▪ Ensure adherence to the planned time frame

▪ Provide the works supervisor with the quantitative data produced and installed for updating progress reports and quantities


▪ Implement the permit-to-work system

▪ Liaise with other disciplines on ongoing operations

▪ Ensure the housekeeping of the work location.

▪ Excellent written and spoken English Language


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