Position: Quality Control Manager NDT Works


Coordinate one or more Quality Control Supervisors and ensure the correct application of the Project Quality Plan in site
activities, the correct use of the Quality Management System on site, the coordination of the quality control activities and the
implementation of the Quality Control Plans



▪ Ensure the application of the Project Quality Management System (PQMS) and preparation and distribution of the plan and
procedures for project quality in accordance with the Company Quality Management System at site
▪ Ensure that the correct implementation of the PQMS is checked and monitored through the planning and implementation of
a quality audit programme
▪ Ensure, in compliance with Company procedures, the issue and filing of quality reports and audit reports, including those
relating to follow-ups on agreed corrective actions
▪ Conduct, when required by the contract and in accordance with criteria and procedures defined by project management,
external inspection checks to assess the Quality Management System of suppliers/sub-contractors
▪ Ensure management of nonconformities including checking that the functions responsible keep non-conforming products
under control
▪ Promote appropriate actions to prevent or eliminate potential nonconformities and their causes
▪ Support the Project Manager in relations with the Client and with the Authorities responsible for quality matters
▪ Ensure the systematic collection of lessons learned from the individual project in order to continually improve processes
▪ Ensure the preparation of quality control specifications for the construction works, coordinating and agreeing the checks by
the Technical Departments and Client
▪ Ensure the coordination of personnel assigned to the site quality control organization
▪ Make site personnel aware of and train them on the project quality requirements and the implementation of the related work
▪ Ensure application and updating of quality control plans for site works carried out by the organizations in charge of the
works and check quality control procedures issued by the contractors, involving site construction management and Client for
matters within their remit
▪ Ensure, jointly with site contruction management, that Company personnel and Contractor personnel hold valid documents
and have suitable equipment for executing the activities for which they are responsible, promoting, where necessary, the
appropriate corrective or preventive actions
▪ Ensure the management of all site problems regarding product quality, by holding regular meetings with the
Contractors/Client and issuing quality reports
▪ Ensure that tests, controls and inspections are carried out and documented in accordance with the site Quality Control
Plans by the organizations appointed to carry out works
activities, ensuring that they are recorded, filed and traceable
▪ Ensure that the QA/QC dossier is prepared for final handover to the Client


Professional Skills:

Quality audit activities:

- Capability to plan, supervise, lead Quality Audits,
and to evaluate and to ensure the implementation
of any necessary corrective actions. Capability to
plan and assess audit results and analyse of nonconformity


ISO 9000 Standards:

- Knowledge of ISO 9000 standards to approach
correctly to all quality matters

Quality control activities:

- Knowledge of Quality Control principles,
supervision topics and functions. Capability to
apply Quality Control Plans

Quality inspection activities:

- Capability to plan, execute, report inspection and
test according to Quality Control Plan

Quality personnel management:

- Capability to plan, schedule, allocate Quality
personnel to various duties and/or projects and
interface with HR Department for personnel
Capability to coordinate Quality personnel activity

Quality reporting:

- Capability to document Quality activites through
regular reports and to update the Quality
Database with the relevant information

Control of instrument calibration:

- Capability to control, calibrate and adjust tools,
instruments and other measuring and testing
devices used in activities affecting Quality.
Capability to protect the instrumentation from
damage or deterioration during handling or maintenance


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