Yard's shiprepair facilities include two floating docks, three rail slipways, two quays and two floating pontoon piers, equipped with cranes.

The floating Dock No.1, with lifting capacity up to 8000t, is suitable for docking of ships with LOA (length overall) up to 160m and breadth up to 24m.

The smaller floating Dock No.2, with lifting capacity up to 2200t, has unique construction, which allows it to lift and shift docked ships, serving three slipways with length 130m each, equipped with 16t cranes. The technology for pulling the ships on the shore by motor trucks gives an effectiveness for docking several ships at the same time, allows newbuilding and conversion of ships as well.

Dry docks are located at Terem Flotski Arsenal.

The Yard has fully developed repair quays and floating pontoon piers with total length of 900m and water depth of up to 8m, equipped with 8t, 16t and 25t cranes, supplied with electricity, acetylene, oxygen, fresh water, steam, compressed air. The quays are suitable for afloat repair of ships up to 50 000t DWT (deadweight).

FL DOCK No 1 155 23,8 8000 8,7 2x5
FL DOCK No 2 115,8 16 2200 6 1x8
RAIL SLIPWAYS No 1,2,3 3 x 130 16 - - 1 x 16
1 x 10
QUAY I 300 - - 8 1 x 16
QUAY II 160/td> - - 8 1 x 25
1 x 10
FL PIERS No 1,2 2x(120+120) - - 7 2x8

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