Mechanical Repairs

Hellenika Ltd's main services are Main engine and auxiliary engines repairs, including but not limited to inspection of general condition, overhauling, crankshaft replacement.

Our riding squads are qualified and experienced engineers and technicians, who undertake routine or emergency repairs during vessels voyage as well as port calls.

All completed works are in compliance with the vessel's engineers and OEMs requirements and according to ISO 2001 quality standards. We cover the following services:

  • Main Engine/Diesel Generator overhauls and Decarbonisation;
  • Crankshaft renewals;
  • Gearbox installation/repairs and alignment;
  • Level Gauge Calibrations;
  • Economizer coils, manufacturing and installing;
  • Turbo charger complete overhauling;
  • El. motors and generators;
  • Propeller, tail shaft rudder and steering gear inspection and repairs;
  • Deflection measurement via electronic indicator;
  • Repair of instrumentation and control systems.

Mechanical Repairs
Mechanical Repairs
Mechanical Repairs
Mechanical Repairs