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Technical Management

HELLENIKA Ltd. is ready to offer its services for the Technical Management of your vessels.

The know-how we have acquired over the years and the professionals we have are ready to ensure the best quality in the technical support of your vessel, the selection of a qualified crew, technical supply, and all services ensuring the safe and accident-free sailing of your vessel.

Our superintendents and captains are ready to provide their services in the technical, crewing, and operational management in compliance with the requirements of the International Association of Classification Societies, insurance companies, and flag authorities.

Our knowledge is based mainly on tanker and bulk fleets, but we are ready for new projects and our goal is to expand the list of the managed by us vessels, as the main priority are the LPG and LNG tankers.

Our partners in various ports in the world as well as our suppliers of spare parts and fuels have proven their reliability and ensured our capability to service the managed by us vessels with quality and on time.

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– Crewing Management;
– Operational Management;

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