+359 52 301 072
Address: 14 Petar Raychev Str.
Varna 9000, Bulgaria

About Us

HELLENIKA Ltd. was established at 1998 as a specialized ship-repair company. Our story begins in the city of Varna and with the time we gradually expanded our activities into the city of Burgas. We carry out repairs in all Bulgarian ports.

As well as that our Riding Repair Squads are ready to travel to any port in the world in order to carry out the repair needed on your vessel (mechanical, steel, painting, etc.)

HELLENIKA Ltd. is ready to offer its services for Technical Management of your vessels. The know-how we have acquired over the years and the professionals we have are ready to ensure the best quality in the technical support of your vessel, the selection of a qualified crew, technical supply and all services ensuring the safe and accident-free sailing of your vessel.

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